Star Tape

This program was designed to create tape images by collecting PC64 file images into them. It does not handle relative files since I have never seen one. Star Tape is an external utility of The Star Commander but is also distributed separately.

1. Usage

STARTAPE <filename>|@<listname> <tapename>


Type the path and the mask of the source files here. You can use wildcards to process multiple file images and you can use long filenames, too.


If you have the list of the source files in a file, then type the path, the name and the extension of the list file here. Note that you have to use a short filename and prepend the "@" symbol to it.


Type the path and the name of the tape image here (the extension of tape images is always ".t64"). The directory of the tape image will have just enough entries to hold all the converted files. You can use long filenames.

2. Error messages

3. Copyright and legal issues

This program is freeware. You may use it as long as you wish and you may give it to any individual, provided that it's in the original, unmodified archive. It is highly recommended that you download distribution packages from the homepage or other official distribution sites. If you get a package from somewhere else then make sure that the package has the author's authentic verification stamped on it.

The source of this program is distributed under a license that is similar to the GNU Public License but is more restrictive, for the protection of the users and the author. You may distribute only those modified versions or derived softwares that satisfy all restrictions in the license. When you distribute this program, modified versions of it or softwares derived from it, you may not ask for money above the normal fee of the distribution media itself. Furthermore, you may not publish this program or its source on floppy disks, CD-ROM's, FTP sites, WWW pages or any other distribution media, include it in a software compilation or bundle it with other software or hardware without prior permission of the author.

Note that public distribution of the beta releases of this program is prohibited. The only place where you can find them is the homepage.

This program is provided "as is", without a warranty of any kind. You are using it at your own risk. The author is not liable for any damage or data loss caused by the software.

4. The author

If you're interested in some similarly useful utilities then contact me at the E-mail address or visit my homepage at

Joe Forster/STA
11th January, 2010

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