The X1531 cable

Important notes


You need the following parts to build this cable:

Step 1. Use a sharp knife to strip off the insulation from about 2/3 of the length of the cable. Separate the wires into two strands, 2 and 4 wires each. Use heat-shrink insulator material to insulate the two strands again, so that, in the end, your cable represents a Y-fork.

Step 2. Solder the 2 wires of the first strand to pins 1 (+5V) and 4 (GND) of the game plug.

Step 3. Solder the 4 wires of the second strand to the appropriate pins of the parallel plug.

Step 4. Solder the 6 wires on the other end of the cable to the mini-DIN plug. Solder the two GND wires from the different plugs together, and add short lengths of wire to connect pins 1-7 and pins 2-5. You should have the following connections:

Mini-DIN plug Game plug Parallel plug
1 and 7, GND 4, GND 18-25, GND
2 and 3, +5V 1, +5V not connected
4, Read not connected 10, Ack
5, Write not connected 3, Data 1
6, Sense not connected 12, PaperEnd

Circuit diagram

[X1531 cable]

You can find the description of all parts used on the diagrams at the legend page.

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