The XA1541 active cable

You should follow these instructions if you want to put the electronical parts onto a mini-adaptor, which you can hide inside the case of the parallel port plug.

Important notes


First, create the XA1541 mini-adaptor.

You need the following parts to build this cable:

Step 1. Solder one end of the cable onto the DIN plug.

Step 2. Solder the other end of the cable onto the XA1541 mini-adaptor port. These include the following connections:

DIN plug Adaptor port
2, GND 1
3, ATN 2
4, CLK 3
5, DATA 5
6, RESET 4

Circuit diagram

[XA1541 active cable]

You can find the description of all parts used on the diagrams at the legend page.

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