The XEP1541 adaptor

Important notes


You need the following parts to build this adaptor:

Step 1. Build the board of the adaptor, cut it to shape and drill the holes in it, according to the board diagram (300 DPI resolution). This diagram shows the board as viewed from below.

Step 2. Solder the PCB-mountable DIN port and parallel plug onto the top side of the board.

Step 3. Build the diode bridges between onto the appropriate places on the top side of the board. These include the following connections:

Parallel plug Parallel plug
13, Select 1, Strobe
12, PaperEnd 14, AutoFeed
11, Busy 17, SelectIn
10, Ack 16, Init

The cathodes of the diodes should be pointing towards the pins in the right column of the table, which corresponds with the right side when the adaptor is viewed from its back side, where the DIN port and the user port edge are.

The parts should be soldered the following way onto the board. This diagram shows the board as viewed from above. Note the small band on the right side of the diodes.

[XEP1541 adaptor]

Circuit diagram

[XEP1541 adaptor]

You can find the description of all parts used on the diagrams at the legend page.

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