The Commodore serial cable

This is the "twisted" version, for converting an XEP1541 adaptor into an XMP1541 adaptor. You can achieve the same with a normal Commodore serial cable and an XE/M1541 adaptor.


You need the following parts to build this cable:

Step 1. Solder one end of the cable onto one DIN plug.

Step 2. Solder the other end of the cable onto the other DIN plug. You should have the following connections:

DIN plug DIN plug
1, SRQ 1, SRQ
2, GND 2, GND
3, ATN 3, ATN
4, CLK 4, CLK

Note that the cable has pins 5 (DATA) and 6 (RESET) swapped at either end. This is the swapping in which the XM1541 multitask cable differs from the XE1541 extended cable and which makes your XEP1541 adaptor operate as if it were a genuine XMP1541 adaptor.

Circuit diagram

[Commodore serial cable ('twisted' version)]

You can find the description of all parts used on the diagrams at the legend page.

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