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The information on this site has been written or collected by Joe Forster/STA.

For each cable and adaptor, see the bottom of the corresponding info page for the copyright and license. For each software locally available, see the accompanying or embedded documentation for the copyright and license.

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If you are a company and/or want to directly or indirectly make money with the information on these pages then you are not allowed to republish or mirror any of these pages or otherwise use any of the information here, without prior permission of the author of this site.

If you are an individual who would like to help others, you may republish or mirror all cable- and adaptor-related pages and blog pages, along with the infos, construction guides and circuit diagrams, without asking the author. However, make sure you respect the copyright and license, if any, on each info page. You are encouraged to leave the pages as they are. If you really need to reformat or shorten them then make sure that all vital information is kept, otherwise you may misinform your visitors.

You may not republish or mirror other pages.

You may download and put on your site all software found here, except if otherwise noted. In particular, it is prohibited to republish or mirror beta releases of The Star Commander and the Star Utilities in any way.

Feel free to link to any page. However, the author of this site reserves the right to remove or rename pages any time, in which case your links will become obsolete.


All information on this site has been carefully checked by several people. Still, there can be errors. Although the author believes that everything on this site is correct and up-to-date, there is no guarantee for anything.

If a software, that you downloaded from this site, or a cable or adaptor, that you built according to the diagrams, doesn't behave as expected then don't blame the author of this site. This includes the software/hardware not working at all or even damaging your equipment. Rather, send an E-mail with a description of your problem and, if possible, a detailed suggestion on how to correct it. Thank you.

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