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Drive Letter Manipulator allows you to freely change the letters of DOS drives from the command line. Its main purpose is restoring the original drive letters after having installed another hard disk, which process often results in the drive letters shifting around. It supports MS-DOS versions 4.x and above and the DOS mode of Windows 95/98/ME, and Windows also accepts the changes made by the software.

CREDIT: Parts of this software are heavily based on the reverse engineering of DrvOrder. Thanks to its unknown author.


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This software is © by Joe Forster/STA, 2003-2005. This software is distributed as freeware. You may use it as long as you wish and you may spread it as you like provided that it is in the original unmodified archive. Don't distribute single files, only the whole package, and don't ask for money above the normal fee of the distribution media itself. This software may not be included in any compilation, sold on disk or CD/DVD-ROM or bundled with software or hardware without prior permission from the author.

The source of this software is public domain and provided here "as is" – I don't feel like commenting it more but if you have problems then feel free to ask me. If you derive your own software from the source or put a part of the source into your own software, please, give me a credit and send a copy to me.

The author accepts no liability for any damage or data loss caused by this software.

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