PC utilities by Joe Forster/STA

last updated on 2009-04-09

This page contains software for DOS, Windows and MS-SQL, written by and for myself, mainly in assembly. Some of them are very simple and lame, but others may interest you. That's why I share them with you, along with their sources; I even made some docs for all of them.


Commodore-related software

Commodore-PC transfer software

Auxiliary utilities for Commodore-PC transfer software

Commodore file format converters

General DOS software

Archivers and packers

Audio utilities

Disk utilities

File managers

File utilities

Game utilities

System utilities

Text utilities

Miscellaneous utilities

DOS drivers

Disk drivers


All the software is for 32-bit Windows versions: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP; 16-bit Windows versions (Windows 3.x and below) are not supported. The exceptions are clearly marked.

General Windows software

File manager utilities

Windows drivers

Keyboard drivers

Windows miscellaneous


All software below is for MS-SQL 7.0 and 2000; other versions are not supported.

SQL scripts


Copyright and license

All this software is © by Joe Forster/STA. Please, read the accompanying or embedded documentation of each software for the copyright and license. Nevertheless, all the software is distributed as freeware, public domain or under the GNU General Public License.

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