Registering The Star Commander

last updated on 2004-04-16

The Star Commander is giftware. You may use the unregistered version as long as you wish, it is in no way crippled, there are no nag screens or delays in it and it won't refuse to run even years after the installation. It is my personal will not to put any of these restrictions into the Commander because I don't like such "features" in shareware software either. However, if you appreciate the years of work it took to create the Commander then you're encouraged to register it. My main reason for this is to get some information about the people using the Commander all over the world when they register but, of course, getting some money won't hurt either.

There are only two things that may annoy you when using an unregistered copy of the Commander: first, when you start it, you'll see three extra lines below the title, asking you to register; second, there is a similar sign in the uppermost lines of the "About the Commander" section of the online help.

Please, fill in the registration form below. As a registration text, you can type a maximum of 50 characters that will be displayed in the Commander. Indicate if you want your name to be put to the list of registered users (see REGISTER.TXT in the latest public release) and whether you would like to see the amount of money you paid for the Commander there or not.

When you're done, send the form to me in an E-mail by pressing the "[Send registration form]" button. Soon you will receive a reply containing a uuencoded keyfile that registers your copy. When registering, you don't have to send any money, only if you want to: this is what "giftware" is about. 10 USD, 10 EUR or the equivalent in your own currency (the proposed fee for Hungarians is only 1000 HUF) would be quite satisfying but you can send me more or less – it's up to you to decide how much the Commander is worth for you.

You can send the money by cash in a snail-mail to me. Please, don't send Eurocheques or coins, I can't change them to cash. Don't send personal checks or money orders either because they involve high conversion costs for me, if my bank accepts them at all. My home address is the following:

Kovács Balázs
Orsolya u. 5. IV/12.
1204 Budapest

If you register the Commander, the keyfile you get will make those three annoying lines disappear forever. If you enter the "About the Commander" section of the online help, you will see "This copy of The Star Commander is registered to: <registration text>" in the uppermost lines. If you have an E-mail address, you'll also be put onto the announcement list so that you get a notification about new versions before the release day. You will always remain a registered user, the keyfile will be valid with all future releases. Your name is optionally going to be added to the list of registered users at the end of REGISTER.TXT in the distribution package, so that everyone sees you've already done the right thing.

As a registered user, you won't get other extras because I can't offer you more: the registered version doesn't have new features over the unregistered version and if you have problems, I'll try to help you independently of your being a registered user or not. However, by registering, you can make sure you've made your moral (and, optionally, your monetary) contribution to further development.

Please, don't distribute your personal keyfile when anyone else can also register the Commander for free. Thank you.

The Star Commander registration form

Registration text:

Don't forget to fill in the "Registration text" item above with the text you want to see in the online help section "About the Commander" in the form "This copy of The Star Commander is registered to: <registration text>".

If you use national characters in the "Registration text" item then, please, remember that, because of the difference between the ISO-8859 Latin character set used by the Internet and code page 437 used by DOS by default, these characters will be converted both in your registration form and in the text displayed in the Commander.

I have sent by currency to you 10 USD
sent no money to you 10 EUR
1000 HUF
I want to see my name in the registered user list
with indicating the amount of money I paid

IMPORTANT! It is fine if, to protect yourself, you don't wish to tell me your complete street address in the "Address" item but, at least, the city/town and country, you live in, should be there. Also, make sure to specify your full real name in the "Name" item. If any of these data are omitted, you will receive no personal keyfile.

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