Useful Windows software

last updated on 2017-10-27

All software on this page are for 32-bit Windows versions: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP; 16-bit Windows versions (Windows 3.x and below) are not supported. The exceptions are clearly marked.

Commodore-related software

Commodore-PC transfer software

Commodore file format converters

Commodore music players

General software

Archivers and packers

Disk utilities

File managers

File utilities

Graphics utilities

Network utilities

Programming utilities

System utilities

Text utilities


Audio drivers

Keyboard drivers

Long file name drivers for Windows NT

Video drivers


Copyright and license

Please, read the accompanying or embedded documentation of each software for the copyright and license.

DISCLAIMER: This page may carry software that falls into the "abandonware" category: old commercial software, whose online publishing may be illegal, from the law's strict point of view, but its copyright holders don't exist anymore or they, most probably, don't care about their old stuff being published. If you find something here that is illegal as it is then, please, tell me and I'll remove it. The author of this page does not (try to) make any profit from publishing this stuff, rather tries to preserve old, perhaps obsolete, but useful software.

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