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This is the homepage of Joe Forster/STA, the author of The Star Commander and other software. No personal data here, because I don't think you would be interested; let my software speak about me instead. The main purpose of this whole site is to give you useful Commodore- and PC-related information and software, especially, related to transferring and converting data between Commodores and PC's.

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If you'd like to read the information on this site offline, download the HTML pages and pictures in a single ZIP archive (about 2.4 Megabytes). Note that no software, available on the site, is included in the package so you will get a "404 File not found" or similar error if you try to download them while browsing offline.

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All pages are friendly to all browsers: no frames, no style sheets, no redundant images, no Java or Javascript, no audio or video plugins needed. Also, steps, including HTML trickery, were taken to allow text-based browsers to display tables properly. Other than these tricks, all pages have been validated against the "HTML 4.01 Transitional" standard. Photos are in 640x480 pixel, 24-bit true color JPG format; drawings are in 16 color PNG format, with a transparent background color, and, with only a few exceptions, don't exceed the size of 320x200 pixels.

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