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IMPORTANT! The development of Star LFN has been suspended. According to my own experiences and user feedback, file access mode (see below) is working fine. If you need a good LFN driver, use DOSLFN (local copy) instead: it has much more features than Star LFN and its disk access (VFAT support, the way that Windows stores long file names) is stable and well implemented. Please, report bugs and wishes, if any, though!


Star LFN is a driver that allows software, running under DOS 4.0 or later, to use the long file name functions present in the DOS shells of Windows. It has two operational modes:

For other similar software, see the LFN drivers page.


Useful information


Software that works fine with Star LFN are the following:

Software that has problems with Star LFN are the following:

Copyright and license

This software is © by Joe Forster/STA, 2001-2004.

The source of this software is public domain and provided here "as is" – I don't feel like commenting it more but if you have problems then feel free to ask me. If you derive your own software from the source or put a part of the source into your own software, please, give me a credit and send a copy to me.

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