Commodore documentations


These documentations have been typed in from yellowing papers that were done with a typewriter more than a decade ago, based on personal experiments with a C64C plus 1541C setup. As such, they are, by far, not comprehensive and are only meant to be quick references around while working. This is also the reason for the documentations having been "printer optimized": tailored to make them fit onto as few papers, when printed, as possible.

The Hungarian translation of two books provided immense help with finding out how Commodore equipment works: 64 Intern (© by Data Becker GmBH, 1984; translated by Novotrade Rt., 1985) and Das Grosse Floppy Buch (© by Data Becker GmBH, 1983; translated by Novotrade Rt., 1986).

DISCLAIMER: The originals of these documentations are very old and may contain errors. While typing in, obvious errors have been corrected. However, the author assumes no responsibility for the correctness or completeness of these documentations.

Commodore 64 documentations

Memory, built-in functions


Assembly, machine code

(no undocumented machine instructions)

Keys and characters

Screen display


Commodore 1541 drive documentations

Memory map

Copyright and license

These documentations have been written by Joe Forster/STA and placed into the public domain. You may do whatever you would like to do with them, just don't pretend that it was you who wrote them.

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