Electronical parts

The following shops sell the electronical parts that are used in the cables and adaptors discussed on these pages.

Important notes

WARNING: No responsibility is claimed for the direct links or the prices. General notes:

Notes about Germany:

See the company pages for more information.

If you know other reliable companies, especially, in the USA, then, please, collect the same information as seen below and contact me.

Electronical parts


Type Company Item Price
PC game plug Maplin (UK) BK58N 2.49 GBP
PC game plug case Maplin (UK) FP28F 1.49 GBP
PC parallel plug Jameco (USA) 15115 1.25 USD
Maplin (UK) YQ48C 2.59 GBP
Mouser (USA) 523-17S-DB25P N/A
PC parallel plug case Jameco (USA) 15086 0.69 USD
Maplin (UK) FP29G 1.49 GBP
Mouser (USA) 523-17-1726-1 N/A
Mini-DIN plug Conrad (Germany) 731781-62 2.41 EUR
Reichelt (Germany) SE-DIO M07 0.54 EUR
User port plug Conrad (Germany) 740691-62 N/A
Kessler (Germany) UPS24 N/A
Reichelt (Germany) STECKER 24-396 N/A
User port plug case Kessler (Germany) SDH37CGG N/A
Reichelt (Germany) KAPPE CG37S 1.15 EUR


Type Company Item Price
1N4148 Bürklin (Germany) 26 S 8150 0.04 EUR
Conrad (Germany) 162280-62 0.04 EUR
Jameco (USA) 179215 0.05 USD
Kessler (Germany) 1N4148 N/A
Maplin (UK) QL80B 0.49 GBP
Mouser (USA) 512-1N4148 0.10 USD
Reichelt (Germany) 1N 4148 0.02 EUR
1N5819 Bürklin (Germany) 26 S 9124 0.10 EUR
Digikey (USA) 1N5819IR-ND N/A
Jameco (USA) 177965 0.14 USD
Kessler (Germany) 1N5819 N/A
Maplin (UK) AN07H 0.54 GBP
Mouser (USA) 511-1N5819 0.48 USD
BAT85 Bürklin (Germany) 10 S 7595 0.17 EUR
RS Electronics (UK) BAT85 0.13 GBP


Type Company Item Price
SMD1206, 4.7 kOhm Bürklin (Germany) 11 E 528 0.08 EUR
Conrad (Germany) 402621-62 0.11 EUR
Kessler (Germany) M1206 4,7K N/A
Reichelt (Germany) SMD 1/4W 4,7K 0.10 EUR
Maplin (UK) RA31J N/A


Type Company Item Price
2N3904 Bürklin (Germany) 27 S 5200 0.10 EUR
Conrad (Germany) 163350-62 0.16 EUR
Kessler (Germany) 2N3904 N/A
Reichelt (Germany) 2N 3904 0.04 EUR
Maplin (UK) QR40T 0.49 GBP
BSV52 Bürklin (Germany) 18 S 2300 0.32 EUR
Mouser (USA) 512-BSV52 0.19 USD
RS Electronics (UK) BSV52 0.03 GBP

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